Are the Food Packages You Used Food Grade?

September 23,2022

The reason why they are called food grades is that they are of a higher grade than ordinary materials or commodities.


Corrugated Paper Bowl, Choose Sowinpak

September 08,2022

The outer layer is a corrugated paper cup wall arranged in order, which has a very strong heat insulation effect.


Function of Hamburger Packaging Box

August 23,2022

Almost all hamburgers are packed in hamburger packaging box. What's the use? Today, let's have a look together.


Do You Know the Correct Use of Paper Straw?

August 09,2022

Searching for a Paper Straw supplier from China, you can get high-quality products at a nice price.


Tips for Using Paper Cups

July 26,2022

Make a purchase of Paper Cups from China, you can get them at a good price if you have a large quantity. We hope to be your long-term partner.


Classification of Paper Cup Holders for Takeout

July 12,2022

According to the purpose and position of the cup holder, it can be divided into the cup holder of the cup body and the cup holder that ensures stability during takeout.


Is it Safe to Take out Hot Food Cartons and Paper Bowls? Pay Attention to 2 Key Points and Ensure Food Safety

June 21,2022

When taking out hot food, some people would ask their bosses not to use plastic bags, but instead to use paper boxes or bowls, hoping to reduce the contact with plasticizers. But is it really safe to do so?


Are your disposable lunch boxes safe?

June 08,2022

Currently on the market using disposable plastic tableware, the material is mostly PP (polypropylene), the material itself is relatively high safety, thermal stability is also generally good, melting point of up to 200 degrees Celsius, in the microwave oven at high temperatures will not produce changes, while other plastics at high temperatures may melt, decomposition, and may also release toxic substances, endangering human health. Therefore, generally only the No. 5 pp material plastic can be put into the microwave oven inside the heating.


Capacity and Size of Disposable Paper Cup

May 26,2022

When you want to customize disposable paper cup printing, you will encounter the choice of capacity and specification. The capacity is easy to understand. Most disposable cups are of the same size, but merchants use ounces to describe the material. Do you know what specification ounces represent?


Can Paper Food Boxes Be Put In The Microwave

May 13,2022

Can paper boxes be put in the microwave? What can't be put in the microwave? As a newcomer to the use of microwave ovens, this may not be very well understood. But don't worry, here's a look at it.