Can Paper Food Boxes Be Put In The Microwave

May 13,2022

Can paper boxes be put in the microwave? What can't be put in the microwave? As a newcomer to the use of microwave ovens, this may not be very well understood. But don't worry, here's a look at it.


Everything You Need to Know about Food Packaging

April 28,2022

With the acceleration of people's daily work rhythm, the enrichment of nutritious and healthy diets, and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, many new requirements for food and its packaging will inevitably be put forward in the future.


What is the Value of Food Paper Packaging

March 31,2022

Whether from the perspective of producers or consumers, food paper packaging brings us great value. If you want to buy high-quality food paper packaging, welcome to contact us.


What Types of Disposable Cutlery Are There

January 21,2022

Disposable cutlery currently has two categories: degradable and recyclable. As a paper cutlery manufacturer, we introduce you the types of disposable cutlery.


How To Choose Disposable Food Package?

December 09,2021

With the popularity of mobile phones and the Internet, the take-out industry and take-out fast food box manufacturing industry have developed rapidly. There are several fast food packaging boxes (e.g.disposable foamed plastic boxes, PP plastic boxes, paper boxes, degradable boxes) available on the market. Some take-away fast food boxes that can’t meet standards will do harm to people's health after long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the QS logo and number and use fast food boxes with high safety factors. 


Aqueous Coating: A New Material Of Paper

October 29,2021

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, people are gradually realizing the importance of decrease the usage of disposable plastic products such as plastic cups. More and more takeaway businessmen replaced their plastic packages with paper material such as paper cups to achieve plastic-free delivery. As a competitive package material aqueous coating paper cutlery becomes popular. Let’s have a look at this material.