Aqueous Coating: A New Material Of Paper

October 29,2021

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, people are gradually realizing the importance of decrease the usage of disposable plastic products such as plastic cups. More and more takeaway businessmen replaced their plastic packages with paper material such as paper cups to achieve plastic-free delivery. As a competitive package material aqueous coating paper cutlery becomes popular. Let’s have a look at this material.


aqueous coating paper cups


The definition of aqueous coating


Aqueous coating, also known as water-base coating, refers to an environmental material, which is commonly used in the packaging of food, household products and take out food. This material helps to enhance the leakage resistance especially in soup packaging.


Differentiating from UV coatings and varnishes, water-based coatings are characterized by quick drying and could be applied to various different surfaces and this is why it could be applied to various products.


Coatings are usually used to resist fingerprints and other impurities. Different coatings can also improve the durability of the surface. From the packaging point of view, the type of product will largely determine the applicability of AQ coating.


The benefits of aqueous coating


The key important advantage of aqueous coating is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Paper coated with aqueous is recyclable and will not release harmful chemicals. Water-based coating has the least solid waste after construction, and no toxic cleaning agent is needed in the cleaning process.


Versatility: It could be used to print advertisement which can not only make the packages more funny but also let more people know your company.  


Economical and efficient: This water-based coating is mainly used in hot soup paper packaging, which can prevent leakage with a rather cheap price as the producing process of this coating is not expensive.


Durability: The coating preserves the fidelity of metallic ink by sealing the ink to prevent exposure to air. Water-based coatings are not easy to turn yellow, making them a better substitute for varnish.


Downsides of PFAS coating


Perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS) refers to a kind of synthetic chemicals mainly used in fast food packaging, including waterproof and oil-proof food packaging such as fast food paper bowls, paper cups and cardboard flips with covers.


However, this chemical is harmful to human health. As a "permanent chemical", PFAS may cause many health problems, including children's learning delay, growth and behavior problems; Female fertility declines; Endocrine system disorder; High cholesterol level; Interruption of immune system; Increases the risk of cancer. Because perfluorinated and polyfluoroalkyl substances are not biodegradable, they remain in the environment and in humans and accumulate over time.


From the above information we can conclude that paper with aqueous coating is more environmental than paper with PFAS coating. If you are looking for a paper cups wholesaler you must make it clear whether there exist PFAS or not. If you don’t want to trouble yourself to pick safety paper cups we recommend ourselves,Sowinpak.


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