Are your disposable lunch boxes safe?

June 08,2022

Currently on the market using disposable plastic tableware, the material is mostly PP (polypropylene), the material itself is relatively high safety, thermal stability is also generally good, melting point of up to 200 degrees Celsius, in the microwave oven at high temperatures will not produce changes, while other plastics at high temperatures may melt, decomposition, and may also release toxic substances, endangering human health. Therefore, generally only the No. 5 pp material plastic can be put into the microwave oven inside the heating.


disposable lunch boxes


For high-temperature resistant lunch boxes, you should also try to avoid loading food that is too oily.


Although high-temperature resistant, but because some of the ingredients in plastic products are fat-soluble, if the food has a high fat content, it is very conducive to their dissolution, although not necessarily harmful, but also not good, can try to avoid or to avoid.


So, like risotto, boiled fish, hairy blood ...... these oil-rich food, in the premise of being able to control the appetite, do not take out packaged.


Can paper packed food be put in?


Now paper packing boxes are also very popular, such as pizza, burgers and other food will be used. So can paper be put into the microwave? Will it burn up?


Inside the paper lunch box feel slippery, is not waxed?


The slippery layer is a plastic film called polyethylene coating.


This is a relatively new process, in which a thin layer of polyethylene plastic coating is applied to the paper surface during casting, which is equivalent to having a plastic film covering the paper surface.


In this way, the paper lunch box can not only withstand a high temperature of about 90 ℃, but also well separated from water, packaged food, cold and hot drinks, are no problem.


Let's understand how microwave ovens work


Microwave ovens emit microwaves can make the polar molecules in the food vibration, molecules collide with each other, friction and generate heat, thus heating food. Water molecules are the most common polar molecules in life. Therefore, the microwave oven heating, to a large extent, heating the water in the material.


The ignition point of paper is about 130 degrees Celsius, the microwave oven can only slightly heat the paper, and can not ignite the paper, so food paper bags can be put into the microwave oven to heat.


However, because the general paper has a layer of plastic, so it is best not to put the paper packaging food into the microwave oven to heat.


Look high aluminum foil lunch box, because it is metal, it is even more can not enter the microwave oven.