Classification of Paper Cup Holders for Takeout

July 12,2022

According to the purpose and position of the cup holder, it can be divided into the cup holder of the cup body and the cup holder that ensures stability during takeout.


cup holder


The cup body mainly plays the role of heat insulation. At the same time, it can also be used for publicity, and the exquisite cup holder can also be used as a bookmark.


The takeaway cup holder mainly ensures the stability of drinks and prevents drinks from spilling. Careful use can add points to takeout products and company image.


It is divided into paper, pulp, and kraft paper by material.


Although the price of kraft paper is more expensive, it is more concise and can be combined into four at the same time.


The cup cover is a combination of double offset paper, kraft paper, and corrugated paper, which can be adjusted to increase convenience.


Double offset paper refers to the paper in which the rubber is coated on both sides of the paper to improve its surface physical properties in the process of papermaking. It has small elasticity, uniform absorption of ink, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, and strong water resistance.


Coated paper, also known as printing coating paper, is made by coating a layer of white paste on the base paper and pressing it. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the paper fiber is evenly distributed, the thickness is consistent, the elasticity is small, the water resistance and tensile resistance are strong, and the absorption and reception of ink are very good.


The ordinary white paper is double offset paper, while coated paper has a smooth surface and a little beige color. Tear the paper, the coated paper is very tough, and the double offset paper is very loose (brittle). Moreover, the fiber of double offset paper is very thick. Coated paper is made of high-density fibers (cotton, bark, etc.), while double offset paper is made of low-density fibers (straw pulp, etc.).


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