Do you Know the Aqueous Coating Food Package

October 26,2021

Faced with severe global problems, how should food packaging suppliers respond to the plastic restriction order? As an important packaging material manufacturing technology, Aqueous coating food package is a better solution. But many people are not very familiar with the aqueous coating food package, so let's follow this article to learn about it.


What is the Aqueous Coating


 Aqueous coating food package


Before getting to know the aqueous coating food package, let's take a look at what is the aqueous coating.


Unlike UV coatings and varnishes, aqueous coatings are water-based. It has quick-drying ability when used in the printing process and can achieve different appearances, so it can use a variety of application methods. Aqueous coating is known for its environmental protection and is used for packaging of food, household products and fast-moving consumer goods.


It is classified as the "default" coating for printing and packaging. Aqueous coating is usually used to resist fingerprints and other impurities. Different coatings can also improve surface durability. From a packaging point of view, the type of product will largely determine the suitability of using AQ coating.


The Application of Aqueous Coating in Food Package


You certainly want your food packaging to stand out, but remember that the main function of packaging is to ensure that your products are safe and protected. You may be surprised to find that the aqueous coating food package is actually one of the most important parts of the packaging process.


Many people will handle and touch your product as it moves from production to the customer's hands, so it is important to protect it from fingerprints, abrasion and other blemishes.


Usually used in offset printing, the aqueous coating has good adhesion to glossy paper, so if you want to create a unique brand appearance, you usually use a glossy varnish to highlight specific areas, and then apply a matte or matte varnish. Aqueous coating adds luster to the entire food package, but makes certain areas look absolutely dazzling, and adds a sense of creativity to your printed materials.


The Advantages of the Aqueous Coating Food Package


  • The aqueous coating food package solution allows paper products to reach different barrier levels. It can meet the needs of different packaging of goods, public places or daily necessities, thereby replacing the traditional non-recyclable plastic-containing composite packaging and achieving sustainable and recyclable standards.


  • The aqueous coating food package matches various paper products with water-based coatings. Through paper and environmentally-friendly water-based coatings, it replaces non-recyclable plastic-containing composite materials, achieving environmental benefits, and enabling paper to realize the value of renewable, recyclable, and degradable. The aqueous coating food package makes food packaging safer.


  • The aqueous coating food package can maintain the effect of water and oil resistance on the premise of achieving health and safety in food packaging.


In short, there are many advantages to using an aqueous coating food package. Our company will provide more products with innovative and sustainable environmentally friendly aqueous coating solutions. If you are looking for a aqueous coating food package exporter, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products.