Food Packaging Safety: How Much Do You Know?

January 07,2022

"Food counts most for people, of which safety comes first". Food is essential for us. Food safety, as a major public health issue, has become the focus of global attention. As a close associate of food, the safety of food packaging is an important part of food safety.


For food packaging safety, most people will ignore it in their daily life. Let's understand the issue of food packaging safety through the following two questions.


salad bowl

salad bowl

Will harmful substances in food packaging migrate into food?


Food packaging refers to all materials or containers in direct or indirect contact with food, including food containers, utensils, and flexible packaging. In addition to its protective effect of it, the harmful substances of its packaging materials can migrate to food under specific conditions. Once the migration amount exceeds the limit value, it will be harmful to the human body.


Therefore, food packaging safety is an important part of food safety. At present, the situation of food packaging safety in China is not optimistic. On the one hand, we need to improve relevant laws and regulations, on the other hand, we need to strengthen prevention from the aspects of safety risk analysis, prevention, supervision and management and the application of new technologies.




Will food packaging materials affect food safety?


The "poisonous capsule", "bisphenol A", the superplasticizer of Baijiu, the overproof plastic plasticizer, the fresh-keeping membrane carcinogenesis, the exceeding disposable paper tableware fluorescent substance, etc. These food packing safety issues that the media reports all exposed problems that the food packing safety exists now.


In addition to the human factors of some bad businesses, the other part is that the food packaging itself contains harmful substances, which migrate into the food after direct or indirect contact with the food, causing food safety problems.


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