Function of Hamburger Packaging Box

August 23,2022

As a fast food, hamburger is delicious and convenient, attracting many diners. Almost all hamburgers are packed in hamburger packaging box. What's the use? Today, let's have a look together.


Hamburger Packaging Box


The function of hamburger packaging box


First of all, the hamburger box is not completely airtight. It has many grooves, which can facilitate the circulation of air. This will not make the food soft when you get the hamburger. It also keeps the burger warm so that it doesn't get cold.


Secondly, the box can also help the hamburger keep its shape. Imagine that if all the hamburgers you get are scattered, you probably have no appetite to eat. The packaging box completely avoids this situation. Even if you put several hamburgers in it, because of the box, the food will not be squeezed and deformed.


Finally, the visual effect. The price of a hamburger is not expensive, but with the packaging box, the overall value increases.


Can a hamburger packaging box be put into the microwave oven for heating?


Direct heating with hamburger wrapping paper is not recommended. The surface of packaging paper is coated with moisture-proof materials, such as mineral wax. Mineral wax will melt at a high temperature and adhere to the food. Although its content is small, it is still harmful to the human body. Therefore, it is recommended not to put the outer package and hamburger together in the microwave oven.


It is safe and convenient to heat hamburgers on a porcelain plate, and it can also ensure the moisture of the food.




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