How To Choose Disposable Food Package?

December 09,2021

With the popularity of mobile phones and the Internet, the take-out industry and take-out fast food box manufacturing industry have developed rapidly. There are several fast food packaging boxes (e.g.disposable foamed plastic boxes, PP plastic boxes, paper boxes, degradable boxes) available on the market. Some take-away fast food boxes that can’t meet standards will do harm to people's health after long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the QS logo and number and use fast food boxes with high safety factors. 
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What are the common types of take-out packaging boxes?


Disposable foamed plastic boxes

Its main component is polypropylene. It is widely used because of its advantages of heat preservation, pressure resistance and low price. However, due to the problem of white pollution, the use of disposable foamed plastic boxes was banned in 1995, but it was lifted in 2013.
One of the biggest hazards of disposable foamed plastic boxes or trays is that when the temperature of food exceeds 65 degrees, it will release toxic substances such as bisphenol A. In addition, if polypropylene is not completely polymerized during the synthesis process, dimers and trimers will be dissolved out, which will cause damage to liver and kidney.

PP plastic boxes

Those are boxes made of polypropylene. Because polypropylene is more resistant to high temperature, its maximum bearing temperature is about 150 degrees. The commonly used button box is made of this material, and it also appears on the disposable fast food box.

Paper boxes

Most of its raw materials are wood pulp, which is pressed and shaped by stamping tools, and then coated with chemical additives to prevent water seepage. Therefore they can be put into a microwave oven. So these types of paper packaging boxes are also well known as paper food warmer trays or boxes. In some high-end take-out shops, they usually use these boxes to package food, which is exquisite. Of course, there are also boxes with common prices, such as boxes sometimes used to hold hot and sour powder and beef noodles.

Degradable boxes

It is also made of plastic, but photosensitizer or starch will be added. These take-out boxes will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the action of microbial enzymes in the natural environment, which will not cause harmful effects on the environment.

Which take-out packing boxes should be avoided?

To avoid using plastic products without an "ID card". The so-called "ID card" refers to the triangular sign at the bottom of plastic products. At present, the take-out fast food boxes in the market are mainly 1, 5, and 6, which are generally safe. No.1 and No.6 fast food boxes have relatively poor heat resistance, so they can't be heated and can't hold high-temperature food. No.5 fast food box can withstand the high temperature of about 200 ℃, so it can be heated in a microwave oven, and there will be no problem if it is heated repeatedly.
To avoid using food packaging boxes without QS logo and number, whose surface is not smooth, with impurities or spots.

In conclusion

Generally speaking, transparent disposable plastic lunch boxes are produced with pure polypropylene (PP), and the safety factor is relatively high. Bright-colored packaging boxes may use waste plastic. So the darker the color, the less safe it is. In short, food packaging boxes made by paper would be the safest as well as the most economical one. By the way, we are a professional paper food warmer trays wholesaler. So if you have any needs please feel free to contact us. All types of paper food packaging boxes, cups, and trays are available.