New Challenges In Replacing Plastic Surface With Paper

October 28,2021

Paper, plastic, metal and glass are the four traditional packaging materials, of which paper packaging and plastic packaging occupy the main position, but the improper disposal of plastic packaging waste puts great pressure on the environment. In January 2020, the state promulgated the "plastic restriction order", which is both an opportunity and a challenge for paper packaging.


aqueous coating paper cup


What paper packaging can be used as an alternative product after plastic restriction?


As a packaging material with a long history, paper packaging is recognized as an environmental protection packaging, which is widely used in the packaging of all kinds of food and industrial products. Statistics show that the demand for hundreds of thousands of tons of food paper and paperboard is expected to be generated after plastic restriction. At present, the annual output of food packaging paper and paperboard is about 2 million tons. The paper industry is actively expanding production capacity to meet the market demand after plastic restriction.


Driven by relevant policies, the substitution of paper packaging for some plastic products is progressing steadily. Alternative products represented by paper bags and paper tableware have been formed in the industry, and environmental protection materials such as degradable plastics and aqueous non plastic coatings have been creatively applied to paper packaging.


Taking paper tableware (paper cup, paper bowl, paper lunch box, etc.) as an example, in order to obtain the barrier performance to water and oil, a layer of plastic film needs to be sprayed on the base paper. At present, the vast majority of the market is polyethylene (PE) film. However, PE coated products have the disadvantages of non degradability, non repulping and difficult recovery.


Facing the needs of green environmental protection, relevant enterprises have developed degradable plastic film products and acrylic emulsion coating products. Degradable plastic film coating product is a kind of degradable environmental protection product by spraying degradable plastic on base paper. Acrylic emulsion coating is a new type of environmental protection material coated on base paper. Compared with traditional film coating process, aqueous coating has the advantages of saving resources, reburning and recyclable, while meeting the requirements of application.


At present, the more mature products are paper bags (paper handbags), paper straw (glue type, degradable plastic film and aqueous coating), degradable plastic (PLA, Bio-PBS) film containers (paper cups, paper bowls, paper boxes, etc.), acrylic emulsion coating products (paper cups, paper bowls, paper boxes, etc.), pulp molding tableware (molded lunch boxes, bowls, plates, cups, knives and forks), etc.


The paper cover is also a noteworthy product replacing plastic with paper, which can be used together with paper cups and paper bowls. Compared with the traditional polypropylene (PP) cup cover or the non straw cup cover with its own drinking nozzle, the paper cover has the advantages of recyclability or degradability, and belongs to green environmental protection products.


At present, there are three kinds of cup covers on the market:


One is a pulp molded cup cover, which is recyclable, re pulpable and degradable;


One is made of degradable plastic (PLA, Bio-PBS) coated paper, which is degradable;


Another is made of acrylic emulsion coated paper, which can be recycled and recyclable.


These three products are green products, which are suitable for takeout, hall Food and other application scenarios.


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