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October 19,2021

UNEP's Clean Oceans Campaign reaffirmed its global effort to deal with marine litter and plastic pollution on World Oceans Day 2021, and the next step is focusing on how individuals can use both national and international laws to drive change. But all in all, this problem require everybody’s effort to carry out plastic free action.


Plastic free paper boxes/ trays


The increasing tide of pollution


About 11 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, and without immediate and sustained action, this amount will nearly triple to 29 million tons per year by 2040. This is equivalent to dumping 50 kilograms of plastic on every meter of coastline around the world. However, the oceans produce at least 50% of the Earth's oxygen, are home to most of the Earth's biodiversity and provide a major source of protein for more than a billion people. They also support the global economy. Marine ecosystem services provide more than 60% of the economic value of the global biosphere, and 590 million people depend on marine fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihood.


Therefore it is urgent to improve the pollution problems of the ocean. And we must do it from ourselves from our daily life to refuse using plastic products.


For the takeaway merchants


As for a merchant in take-out industry, it is unavoidable to use plastic boxes, trays and bowls to carry food for their customers. And at the same time, there are so many kinds of plastic packaging products sold on the market with a rather cheap price than thick paper packaging products. Some merchants bought plastic boxes and trays in order to try their best to save their cost and without any awareness of environmental protection. It is a wrong because it is not only the responsible of some special group but the whole human beings responsibility in protecting our environment and our ocean.


As far as I concerned, takeaway merchants selling products with plastic packaging would be punished by our government and allow their customers to inform merchants who are not abide the regulations. As a larger plastic packaging source, takeaway merchants must be replaced with paper packaging such as aqueous coating paper boxes and trays.


Because some paper packaging with harmful chemicals coating would be a great threat for health problems such as learning delays, growth and behavioural problems in children; female fertility declines; endocrine system disorder; elevated cholesterol levels; Interruption of immune system. While paper packaging with aqueous coating is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Therefore paper boxes and trays with aqueous coating would be the best option for takeaway merchants. If you are worrying about the cost of buying paper packaging with water-based coating, you can choose to lift your price as well. And then it’s the customers’ turn.


For the ordinary fast food consumers


As an ordinary customer for take-out, we should try our best to refuse extra plastic packaging cutlery. But if you haven’t another domestic cutlery, it could be acceptable. But we need to strengthen our awareness of plastic free and environmental protection. If more and more customers can achieve a common sense to order a take-out in merchants carrying out plastic free entirely, merchants selling their food with plastic packaging will lose their target customers.


Therefore we must unit together to refuse plastic packaging and advertise paper packaging with aqueous coating. As long as we try our best to carry plastic free out completely, we can achieve a plastic free world and bring more god bless for the later generations.


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