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October 20,2021

More and more reports and researches tell us astonishing events and data about how dangerous the world would be if we continue to using single plastic product. Therefore increasing plastic free campaigns are launched on the internet to advocate avoid using plastic cups, bags and boxes. If you have to use these items you had better replace them with plastic free paper cups or corrugated boxes which would be friendly to our environment.


Plastic free paper cups


Plastic free campaign


A social media event to focus on the solutions to plastic pollution problems powers so many people to put it into actions and document their daily contributions on the social media. This activity is driven by creative contribution and your participation since April 22nd, 2016 as well as Earth Day. We support sustainability by publicly posting selfies and other smart, inspirational images on social media and inviting others to do the same. We use the # plasticfrechallenge # tag to connect our communities. We lead by example and influence our circle of friends.


In this campaign, so many people order takeaway food with plastic free paper cups with coffee or corrugated boxes with salad instead of plastic food packaging. This is a good beginning for a plastic free world.


If you want to take part in this campaign, it is not too late yet, and you can do it from every aspects such as refusing plastic packaging when shopping or refusing disposable chopsticks with a plastic packaging also.


corrugated boxes  supplier

Corrugated boxes


Do you know what’s the difference between the ordinary paper boxes and corrugated boxes? An ordinary cardboard box is actually made of only one piece of hard cardboard, but corrugated cardboard is made of two pieces of cardboard and one piece of thin corrugated paper.

Corrugated cardboard could date back to England in the 1850s, where it was used to maintain the shape of men's hats. However, the patent for making boxes began in the United States more than 20 years later. Since then, there has been little change, but it has become one of the most commonly used transportation materials. Why? That would be a long story.


Corrugated paperboard is made of paper, so it is cheap; The hollow structure makes it stronger and lighter, and provides air cushion cushioning. The box is easy to fold into pieces, thus reducing storage space. Because corrugated boxes absorb ink well, the company logo is easily printed on the outside. It is also one of the most recyclable materials, because it can be easily decomposed into pulp and then made into new products. Of course, the most common way to recycle is to reuse: people often fold a corrugated boxes into pieces and put it in a storeroom. When needed, pull it into a box, thus making one less box. It looks unremarkable, but it is indeed one of the masterpieces of engineers.


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