Something you Want to Know About Ireland's National Day

March 17,2022

Today is the Irish National Day. How much do you know about this holiday?


The Introduction of Irish National Day

happy St.Patrick's Day


Every year on March 17th, it is set as the national day of Ireland, also called St.Patrick's day. Because Ireland has a long history of immigration, all countries of Carthian descent will celebrate the carnival on this day, such as the United States, Britain, Australia, some European countries, and so on. Every year on this day, there will be a grand parade in Dublin.


On Irish National Day, there are usually parades, church services, and dinners. People will wear clover, decorate rooms with green and yellow, the colors of the Irish flag, and present clover ornaments to guests.


In addition to clothing, food, toys, etc. will be brought green during the festival. Around St. Patrick's Day, Irish pubs are always packed with customers. During the festival, the bar will sell a special green beer with a unique taste.


Every Irish man wears a "green hat" on this day. If you happen to be in a big city such as Dublin, London, Birmingham, New York, Tokyo, Boston, etc., you will find a lot of people with green hats on the street. Therefore, St. Patrick's Day has also been dubbed the Green Hat Festival.


In the End


I wish you a happy St.Patrick's Day and happiness every day.