The Merits of Using Biodegradable Single Wallpaper Cup

October 27,2021

With the emergence of Covid-19, people are paying more and more attention to hygiene and safety, and disposable paper cups can be seen everywhere in airports, train stations or coffee shops. Even at home, people start to use it for safety. But some people say that the use of disposable paper cups will generate a lot of garbage and increase the degree of environmental pollution. On the contrary, at present, many public places begin to use biodegradable single wallpaper cups, which are very environmentally friendly.


Biodegradable Single Wallpaper Cup


What is biodegradable?


By definition, any biodegradable item will be broken down into its natural form. If you expose an item to microorganisms under the right conditions, it will degrade into soil nutrients, carbon dioxide and water.


Ideally, biodegradable items are mixed with other earth materials. Then they will rot without causing pollution or harming any life. In short, if you use biological projects, they will cycle back to nature and restore the ecosystem to its original state.


Also, remember; not all items with biodegradable labels are safe for the environment. Some will leach chemicals into the environment as they decompose.


If you are serious about sustainability, you must choose 100% biodegradable items. In other words, certain items must have a short degradation time and contain no chemicals.


What material is the biodegradable single wallpaper cup made of?


Biodegradable paper cups are mainly made of polylactic acid (PLA), which is one of the more common degradable plastics. It is a polymer polymerized with lactic acid as the main raw material. The PLA production process is pollution-free, and the product is biodegradable. After use, PLA can be composted and degraded into carbon dioxide and water at a temperature higher than 55°C or under the action of oxygen and microorganisms. PLA also has reliable biological safety, biodegradability, good mechanical properties and easy processing. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of biodegradable single wallpaper cups. The disadvantage of PLA is that the degradation conditions are relatively harsh. However, due to the relatively low cost of PLA in biodegradable plastics, the consumption of PLA ranks in the forefront.


Are biodegradable paper cups sustainable?


The life cycle of a product begins with manufacturing and ends with disposal. Sustainable products use environmentally friendly materials. They emit less carbon and use the least energy in production. After disposal, they produce less waste and have zero toxicity to the environment.


The biggest question is whether the biodegradable paper cup meets the cited sustainability indicators. Well, the biodegradable paper cups are derived from natural materials that are safe for consumption.


In addition, these materials have the added benefit of unlimited supply. This ensures faster restoration of the environment after the raw materials are harvested. It costs less labor force and energy to harvest raw materials such as sugar cane. Unlike plastic, the production of PLA uses less energy and results in fewer emissions.


Even if factory, paper cups continue to demonstrate their positive reputation. Essentially, the focus of processing paper cups is to provide healthy products to the public. High quality paper cups requires the use of flawless raw materials. From bonding to printing, biodegradable single wallpaper cups are a deliberate process, focusing on purity.


We know that the earth is our home for survival. Therefore, while focusing on preventing viruses, we must also protect the environment. We are biodegradable Single wallpaper cup exporter, welcome to contact us for a free quote.