What Types of Disposable Cutlery Are There

January 21,2022

Disposable cutlery currently has two categories: degradable and recyclable. As a paper cutlery manufacturer, we introduce you the types of disposable cutlery.


Disposable Cutlery


What types of disposable meals are there?


✔️Pulp moulding cutlery


This kind of cutlery is made of plant pulp such as reed and bagasse as the main raw material. Because of its simple production process, short construction period, good product appearance, good thermal insulation, waterproof and oil-proof performance, it can be processed into various shapes. Discarded cutlery can theoretically be recycled and used, which is convenient for promotion.


✔️Cardboard cutlery


Cardboard cutlery is made of white cardboard paper for food packaging. After coating, spraying, and compounding, it is made into products of different uses through stamping process. The main raw material for cardboard production is wood.


✔️Degradable plant fiber cutlery


This cutlery is made by washing a certain amount of corn stalks, straw and other plant fibers, washing, sterilizing, drying, crushing and sieving with a pulverizer, and then adding light calcium carbonate, starch, talcum powder and core masterbatch in a certain proportion. Add the above-mentioned mixed raw materials to 45-50 ℃ of warm water and stir, cut the mixed raw materials and send them to a hot-pressing foam molding machine, and instantly shape at 200℃, then decolorize with a decolorizing agent, and condense to room temperature.


✔️Starch cutlery


This cutlery uses starch as the main raw material, adds annual plant fiber powder and some special additives, and uses flash fixation technology to turn the raw material into foam. After this treatment, the molecular arrangement of starch changes, and then cold-pressed into various shaped cutlery.


The above are the types of degradable cutlery, and the materials of easy-to-recycle cutlery have been standardized for a long time. The representative is the crystal cutlery processed by GPPS at high temperature. Although it is also a food-grade raw material, GPPS has a lower cost on the one hand, and is easy to recycle on the other hand. Compared with degradable cutlery, its products have advantages in strength, water resistance and other aspects, so the market share is gradually increasing.


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