What is the Value of Food Paper Packaging

March 31,2022

As the carrier of food, food paper packaging is an integral part of the food. Food paper packaging mainly brings the following value to the food industry.


Value to Consumers

The value of food paper packaging


Maslow's theory divides consumer needs into five categories: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization. Therefore, the most basic demand of consumers for food paper packaging, or the most basic value of food paper packaging for consumers is "safety, freshness, and convenience".


Value to Producers


  • Image value display


63% of consumers make a purchase based on the packaging of an item. Good food needs good packaging. As the packaging food carriers, the function of food paper packaging is not only to serve as a container and protect food, but also to provide consumers with a display of image value such as advertising, publicity, and guidance.


  • Reduce packaging costs


For manufacturers, the factors that affect the packaging cost include the cost of the selected packaging materials, the rationality of the packaging design capacity, the maximum utilization of packaging space, and transportation costs.


  • Enhance product added value


After the food is packaged, it attracts consumers who are willing to buy beyond the actual value, which is the added value that food paper packaging brings to food. Of course, the level of added value is closely related to the selection of packaging materials, packaging design, design creativity, and marketing techniques.


In the End


Whether from the perspective of producers or consumers, food paper packaging brings us great value. If you want to buy high-quality food paper packaging, welcome to contact us.