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October 20,2021

In the fast-paced modern life, paper cups are our daily necessities. Moreover, with the emergence of COVID-19, the demand for paper cups is also increasing. Biodegradable, leakproof double paper cups are also gradually becoming popular.


biodegradable, Leakproof Double paper cup


Why do you use Biodegradable, leakproof double paper cups?


The double wallpaper cup fully retains the advantages of paper products. For example, paper cups have perfect performance in terms of preservation, moisture-proof, visibility, sterilization, temperature sensing, and anti-corrosion. Compared with disposable plastic cups, its advantages are more obvious. The double wallpaper cup is made of paper material, and its hygienic performance, processing performance and printing performance are very good. What's more, there are a wide range of paper sources, which can be produced in large quantities, and the types are also very rich. Compared with the non-reproducible characteristics of disposable plastic cups, paper cups are low in cost, light in weight, easy to transport, and easy to recycle. Therefore, the biodegradable, leakproof double paper cup is favored by more and more manufacturers.


The merits of biodegradable, leakproof double paper cup


  1. Environmental protection: In the context of global warming and other environmental degradation, the most common factor today is that widely used products must be environmentally friendly. Since it is not made of plastic or styrofoam, on the contrary, the material used is biodegradable, which is very popular with the public. Not only that, if the cup is in the hands of the right person, it can also be easily recycled.What’s more, biodegradable products can interact with the environment to produce carbon dioxide and water, therefore, it will not pollute environment.


  1. Convenience: The double wallpaper cup is very convenient to use and carry. If you are planning an outing and want to avoid carrying heavy luggage, this is the best option. They are not only easy to carry, but also easy to throw away.


  1. Safety: If you compare disposable cups with plastic and styrofoam cups, the former onecan be more safely used to hold hot or cold drinks. Easy to handle and free of toxic materials are the additional points of paper coffee cups.


  1. Diversity: These cups are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It also has different designs, such as cartoon design, printed logo, coffee, tea or any other beverage design and so on.


The difference between single wall cup and double wall cup


✅What's the difference?


The single wallpaper cup has one layer of paper, and the double wallpaper cup has two layers. Additional layers and texture patterns provide additional insulation to protect consumers from hot drinks. However, the extra layer increases the environmental impact of the cup. But due to its degradation, you can feel relieved to use.


Small changes and big impact


Manufacturing single wall cups consumes less energy and paper. Due to the lighter weight of the single-wall cup and the more compact carton size, transportation-related emissions will also be reduced. However, the double-walled cup is harder. In short, all of this depends on your choice.


How to find high quality biodegradable, leakproof double paper cup?


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