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October 19,2021

In fact, plastic food packaging bags are a necessity in our lives. As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, the environmental pollution caused by the previous plastic bags is still not small, and it is difficult to eliminate the degradation of pollution. Therefore, biodegradable package has appeared. Next, let’s take a look at biodegradable package solution.


The Introduction of the Biodegradable Package Solution


biodegradable/aqueous coating package solution

In the field of environmental protection. With the rapid development of society, people have put forward new requirements and development trends for plastic packaging. These include minimizing the consumption of resources and production waste in the production of plastic bags, and developing and promoting the use of degradable package.


In recent years, landfill incineration treatment has been gradually restricted, and composting has begun to receive attention. It can not only reduce the emission of harmful gases, but also can be used as organic fertilizer to improve the soil. Therefore, the development of degradable package solution is moving in the direction of composting to better meet the needs of the entire field.


Degradable package solution is a new member of plastic packaging products, which effectively alleviates environmental pollution and is of great significance to energy utilization and environmental protection.


It should not take much to convince you that biodegradable package solution is the future. As a choice to non reusable plastic, it is similarly as effective, a lot more eco-friendly and also healthier for human beings. Plastic is made from oil, which is a finite source, so locating alternatives to plastic is an unavoidable part of our future. You may think that with recycling, we can have a consistent supply of plastic but existing techniques of recycling cause plastic quality to weaken with each cycle. By the third round of recycling, the plastic high quality is too reduced and so, it ends up in a land fill, our oceans or obtaining melted. These techniques of disposal launch harmful chemicals right into the atmosphere. There's no winning with plastic, however biodegradable package choices imply that the atmosphere can start winning for a modification.


The Materials of the Biodegradable Package Solution


There are various types of biodegradable package. Most are made from plant-based products. Typical types of biodegradable package solution include paper and also cardboard which come from wood. This includes reducing trees yet unlike oil, trees are an eco-friendly resource as they can be replanted. Various other biodegradable package comes in the kind of bioplastics.


These are a collection of polymers derived from sustainable resources like starch, cellulose, soy, lactic acid, and other plant matter. They disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water as well as biomass enabling them to rejoin nature once we completed with them. You can put them in your garden compost and also food waste containers for simple, environment-friendly disposal. Even if the product packaging is environment-friendly doesn't imply it needs to be boring. Our company that makes biodegradable package sometimes provide design teams that function hand-in-hand with you to develop one-of-a-kind packaging for your products. They look good and also benefit the world. 


We can start with the small things around us and contribute to environmental protection. For example, we can avoid using disposable plastic bags and use biodegradable package instead of plastic package. We are the biodegradable/aqueous coating package solution manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, exporter, for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.