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October 19,2021

As one of the four families of food packaging, paper packaging has become synonymous with safety, fashion and style because of its environmental protection and renewable, which shows its unique charm and value to consumers and producers. Under the beautiful appearance, what functions are hidden in paper packaging? How will the future paper packaging lead the food industry to stand out? Let's walk into the world of paper packaging.


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Food is inseparable from packaging


First, let's make a reverse assumption: what will food be like without packaging? It is conceivable that the final result must be that a large number of food decays in advance and a large number of food is wasted. The final destination of rotten and wasted food is landfill.


Over the years, there have been many calls to reduce the use of packaging in the market. We do not object to reducing excessive packaging, but we think we should think from another level of packaging - only after the food is not deteriorated after packaging or the shelf life is extended, can we ensure that more food is really consumed instead of being wasted as garbage. According to the statistics of relevant United Nations organizations, about 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted in the world, equivalent to one third of the total production, while 815 million people in the world are still hungry, accounting for 11% of the global population. The total amount of wasted food is enough to feed the hungry people. Packaging is one of the important and effective solutions that can help reduce food waste.


Value of food packaging


As the carrier of food, food packaging is an integral part of food. The value of food packaging to the food industry includes:


Value to consumers:


Maslow Theory divides consumer needs into five categories: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect needs and self realization. The so-called "food is the first thing for the people", while "food is safety first". People must first live - have enough to eat and be full; Secondly, we should live healthily - safe and hygienic; Thirdly, we should live better - nutrition, freshness, portability, senses and culture. Therefore, the most basic demand of consumers for food packaging, or the most basic value of food packaging for consumers, is "safe, fresh and convenient".


Value to producers:


  1. Image value display: according to DuPont's law, 63% of consumers buy according to the packaging of goods. Good food needs good packaging, brand food, and brand packaging. As a food carrier, the function of packaging is not only as a container and protective food, but also to provide consumers with the display of image values such as convenience, ease of use, advertising, publicity and guidance.


  1. Reduce packaging cost: for manufacturers, the factors affecting packaging cost include the cost of selected packaging materials, the rationality of packaging design capacity, the maximum utilization of packaging space and the transportation cost directly affected by packaging weight.


  1. Enhance product added value: after food is packaged, consumers are willing to buy beyond the actual value of "food + packaging", which is the added value brought by packaging to food. Of course, the level of added value is closely related to the selection of packaging materials, packaging design, design creativity and marketing techniques.


"Four families" of food packaging


According to statistics, at present, the main food packaging materials in the market are paper, plastic, metal and glass, which can be called the "four families", of which paper packaging accounts for 39%, and there is a trend of accelerating growth. Food paper packaging can become the first of the "four families", which is favored by market consumers and producers, fully showing the value position of paper packaging in food packaging.


Compared with metal packaging, paper packaging has better shelf image and value display effect and lightweight.


According to the research, it takes at least 5 years for the plastic lunch boxes used in the market to be fully degraded in the soil, while the degradation of each plastic bag takes at least 470 years, but the average natural degradation time of paper only takes 3 to 6 months. Therefore, compared with plastic packaging, paper packaging is safer, hygienic and easy to degrade.


Future trend of food paper packaging


Green environmental protection:


 "Green packaging" is also known as "sustainable packaging", which is simply "recyclable, degradable and lightweight". Packaging also has a "life cycle". We obtain raw materials from nature and use them to package goods after design, processing and forming. After the goods are used, the packaging will be processed. Green packaging is to reduce the use of raw materials in this process as much as possible, or reduce the damage to nature during treatment as much as possible. It is gratifying that at present, more and more countries and regions in the world have restricted or prohibited the use of plastic products in different ways, and the trend of "replacing plastic with paper" is becoming increasingly obvious. For example, the queen of England has officially declared war on plastic, and more than 2800 takeaway merchants in Shanghai, including hungry and meituan, have piloted "replacing plastic with paper", etc. In the era when everyone cares about the environment, the brand has no awareness of environmental protection, which will not only leave the impression of "irresponsibility", but also inevitably lead to the direct loss of consumers. It can be said that green paper packaging is not only the responsibility of food production and food packaging entrepreneurs, but also the feelings of consumers that will never change.




In the future, the safety of paper packaging is not only required to be non-toxic and harmless to paper packaging and paper packaging materials, but also required to avoid fake and shoddy food through paper packaging, further extend the shelf life of food, improve the safety index of food itself through the safety of paper packaging, and improve the safety of product to the safety of brand image. In recent years, with the rise of online shopping channels, there are more opportunities for fake and shoddy food. Fake and shoddy food in online shopping has become a disaster, which seriously endangers the health and safety of consumers. Moreover, for brand manufacturers, the carefully built brand image will also lose once.


Packaging functionalization:


At present, all kinds of paper packaging are developing in the direction of utility functionalization, including oil proof, moisture-proof, high barrier, active packaging... As well as modern intelligent technologies, such as QR code, blockchain anti-counterfeiting, etc. How to combine with traditional paper packaging is also the development trend of paper packaging in the future. The functionalization of paper packaging is mainly realized through the printing and packaging link or the paper packaging material itself, but from the perspective of cost and efficiency, it is more reliable to endow its personalized function from the source of paper packaging material. For example, food thermal insulation packaging paper, like a solar collector, converts light energy into heat energy. People only need to put the food packaged by thermal insulation paper in the place exposed to the sun, and there will be heat energy added continuously, so as to protect the food in the paper, have a certain heat and fresh flavor, and provide convenience for people to eat. Another example: take vegetables or starch as the main raw material, add other food additives, adopt a process similar to papermaking, produce edible packaging, etc.


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