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October 19,2021

With the development of science and technology brought about by the industrial revolution, human society gradually makes more and more in-depth use of social resources. At the same time, the damage to nature is also increasing. White pollution is one of them. At present, many packaging boxes on the market are made of plastic materials, which can not be degraded, have no good environmental protection, and have complex structure and inconvenient use Unreasonable design. Therefore, there is now a biodegradable paper box. Next, we will introduce the relevant contents of degradable paper boxes in detail.


Burger box

What is biodegradable material?


Biodegradable materials are polymer materials that can undergo chemical, biological or physical degradation or enzymatic hydrolysis under the action of natural microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.


The most ideal biodegradable biomaterials are obtained from renewable resources. After degradation, they can be reused by organisms. The products are preferably carbon dioxide and water, so as to bring the production and use of this material into the cycle of nature.


It should be noted that every biodegradable raw material, including paper, must be dissolved in a certain geographical environment. If there is no dissolution standard, especially the survival standard of microbial vaccine, the dissolution rate will be very slow. In addition, not all biodegradable raw materials can dissolve rapidly in all geographical environments. Therefore, the treatment of biodegradable raw materials should start with the specification of geographical environment, combined with the structural analysis of raw materials, to distinguish whether they are biodegradable raw materials. How to judge whether a raw material can be biodegradable, China has implemented a series of test method standards, and the difficulty of these standards lies in how to answer.


What are the advantages of biodegradable paper/ burger boxes?


⭕Environmental health, non-toxic and harmless, healthy;


⭕120 ℃ heat-resistant oil, 100 ℃ hot water resistance, deformation and non leakage;


⭕Suitable for microwave oven baking, quick freezing and high-temperature cooking;


⭕Recycling value, recycling paper, saving resources;


⭕Natural soil degradation to organic fertilizer, reducing carbon dioxide and water, returning to nature;


⭕Coating can improve its barrier permeability after spraying through, to help them stick glutinous rice, refrigerated products are not easy to soften.


⭕Its physical properties and health indicators have passed the national standards gb18006 and 1-1999, and are in line with the online testing standards of international health institutions such as the FDA of the United States, SGS of Europe, and the Ministry of health and welfare of Japan (MOH).


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