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October 19,2021

Since COVID-19, due to the need to reduce staff aggregation, various kinds of restaurants that hall eat have encouraged online ordering and takeaway distribution. In this way, the market for all kinds of fresh food and takeout distribution is booming. It coincides with the gradual promotion of the plastic reduction and limitation law by the state. In the case of huge demand for takeout lunch boxes, we should abolish those non environmental, unhealthy and non degradable plastic lunch boxes. Today, let's take a look at safe, healthy, degradable and environmentally friendly tableware.


Biodegradable paper cutlery


It takes starch as the main raw material, adds one-year plant fiber powder and special additives, and is processed by chemical and physical methods to make a biodegradable fast food box. As starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it is decomposed into glucose under the action of microorganisms, and finally into water and carbon dioxide. In addition, the material blended with it is also a fully degradable material, so it can be said that it has no impact on the environment. The main source of raw starch can be plants in one-year growth period such as corn, potato, sweet potato and cassava. Naturally, biodegradable lunch boxes are not perfect. For example, most of the production raw materials are food crops, and problems such as mildew prevention have yet to be solved.


biodegradable paper cutlery


Single wall paper cup


A single wall paper cup has one layer of paper, a double wall has two. The extra layer and textured pattern provides additional insulation to protect the consumers from hot drinks. The extra layer increases the environmental impact of the cup. We understand the issues and provide a double wall solution but our preference is always single wall.


single wall paper cup

Advantages of biodegradable products


  • Each product is waterproof and oil proof (100 ℃). It can also be printed and can degrade naturally within 180 days after use. In addition, the product is also suitable for microwave oven and refrigerator refrigeration. No toxic substances are released during heating treatment.


  • The products have also passed a number of international testing and certification standards, including FDA of the United States, lfgb & BFR of Germany, DGCCRF of France and other standards.


  • On the basis of safety and environmental protection, the products are beautiful, white and strong, and can be used for assembly of cold and hot food, and carefully package your meals.


Discrimination method


Experts suggest that degradable tableware can be identified by "one look, two smell and three tear":


First, check whether there is QS identification and number on the lunch box; Secondly, it also depends on whether the surface of the lunch box is smooth and clean and whether there are impurities or black spots. Generally speaking, transparent plastic lunch boxes are made of pure polypropylene (PP), with a high safety factor; Brightly colored lunch boxes may use waste plastics, so the darker the color, the less safe it is.


Second is to touch the strength of the lunch box. The lunch box produced by using recycled waste or adding a large amount of industrial grade calcium carbonate and talc powder is generally very poor in strength and will break when torn gently.


Third is to smell whether the lunch box has peculiar smell. The qualified lunch box can't smell.


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