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October 19,2021

In our daily life, we can see all kinds of wrapping paper or packaging bags. Their materials are also diverse. The most important ones are plastic paper package and biodegradable paper package. Which of these two types of packaging is better? Let's discuss it together today。


Biodegradable Paper Package VS Plastic Paper Package


biodegradable, reduce plastic waste paper package

First, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of biodegradable paper package and plastic paper package.


The Advantages of the Biodegradable Paper Package


Biodegradable paper packaging is more and more popular and respected by consumers because it is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and can be recycled. It is called "green packaging". The advantages are as follows:


  • Environmental protection and recyclable.


  • Light weight, foldable, and low transportation cost.


  • Special box (can realize the needs of anti-static, moisture-proof, insurance, etc.)


  • Exquisite printing (the combination of transportation packaging and commodity packaging can be realized)


  • Low cost (relative to the main types of packaging, plastic, wood)


  • High efficiency (the production speed is higher than other packaging, and the production cycle is shorter than similar packaging)




The waterproof effect is not very good.


Plastic paper packaging is difficult to degrade, and the serious harm of its "white pollution" has brought immeasurable losses to society and life.




corrosion resistance, good moisture resistance, rigidity and impact toughness.




  • It degrades slowly and is harmful to human health


  • It pollutes the environment.


  • Its printing performance is poor


On the whole, biodegradable paper packaging is better than plastic paper packaging, and it is conducive to environmental protection. Therefore we should vigorously promote biodegradable package and reduce plastic waste paper package.


How to Reduce Plastic Waste Paper Package


  • Avoid single-use plastics waste paper package

Single-use plastics, such as plates as well as flatware made from this material, make our lives easier, however seriously hurt the earth. These kinds of items have sensible alternatives and there is an immediate demand to selected these.


  • If you go shopping, remember to take a towel bag

We most likely to the grocery store at least once a week to fill up our refrigerators. If every single time we go we use recyclable bags (cloth, string or wicker) the health of our world will improve. From now on remember to take yours when leaving your house.


  • Purchase much more bulk food and also fewer packaged products

Disposable containers are swamping grocery stores (polystyrene trays, family pet containers, tetra paks, plastic containers, and so on). However there is a choice: increasingly more facilities are offering the possibility to get wholesale.


  • Place your plastic waste in the right recycling container

Our way of life sometimes prevents us from taking notice of details. Consequently, when it comes to reusing plastic waste it can wind up in the wrong container. Before throwing your run out, believe where each item has to go.


Sustainable development cannot be accomplished in a day. It relies on the unremitting efforts of all of us human beings. Reducing plastic waste packaging and using biodegradable packaging is a small step towards environmental protection. We are the biodegradable, reduce plastic waste paper package manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, exporter, for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.