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October 19,2021

With the increasing requirements for environmental protection of packaging materials in the entire international market, eco friendly, recyclable paper package is the preferred packaging material. In addition to environmental protection, paper packaging materials have another feature, which is that they can quickly pass commodity inspections to achieve the goal of rapid logistics and cost savings. Now let's understand the advantages of eco friendly, recyclable paper package and its performance.


eco friendly, recyclable paper package


The merits of paper package


Because of the above characteristics of paper packaging materials, the amount of eco friendly, recyclable paper package is increasing. The reason why paper packaging materials dominate the packaging field, in addition to the above characteristics, also has the following unique advantages:


  • The source of raw materials is wide, the cost is low, the variety is diverse, and it is easy to form mass production;
  • Good processing performance, easy composite processing and excellent printing performance;
  • It hasadvantages of light weight, good cushioning performance and mechanical performance;
  • Good hygiene and safety;
  • The waste can be recycled and there is no white pollution.


Other performances of paper packaging


Used as a paper packaging material for food packaging, its performance is mainly reflected in the following aspects.


Printing performance


Paper and cardboard have a strong ability to absorb and bond inks and have good printing performance. Therefore, they are often used as printing surfaces on packaging. The printing performance of paper and cardboard is mainly determined by surface smoothness, sizing, elasticity and adhesion.


Hygiene and safety performance


In the paper processing process, especially chemical pulping, certain chemical substances (such as lye and salt residues in the kraft pulping process) are usually left behind. Therefore, various types of materials must be selected correctly and reasonably according to the contents of the package.


Barrier performance


Paper package is a porous fibrous material, which has a certain degree of permeability to moisture, gas, light, grease, etc., and its barrier properties are greatly affected by temperature and humidity. A single paper packaging material generally cannot be used to package foods with high moisture and oil content and high barrier properties, but it can meet its barrier properties through appropriate surface processing.


Mechanical performance


Paper packaging has a certain degree of strength and mechanical adaptability. Its strength is mainly determined by the material, quality, thickness, processing technology, surface condition and certain temperature and humidity conditions of the paper; in addition, the paper also has a certain degree of foldability, elasticity and tearing properties, etc., suitable for making molded packaging containers or for wrapping.


✅Processing performance


Paper packaging has good processing properties, that can be folded and sealed in a variety of ways. It is easy to process into packaging containers with various properties, and it is easy to realize mechanized processing operations. There are mature production processes recently. In addition, through proper surface treatment, the paper packaging can be provided with the necessary moisture resistance, insect resistance, barrier properties, heat sealability, strength and physical properties, and expand its scope of use.


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