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October 19,2021

If you are still worrying about the choice of salad bowls and sandwich packs, please stop using plastic products, please protect our earth from now on, and start advocating and using plastic free salad bowl/ sandwich pack. Have to say, it must be the future trend!


Often a lot of plastic waste in the environment comes from food packaging. As the catering industry, it is necessary for them to lead by example, make our lives full of green, and adhere to the earth's pollution carrying capacity.


plastic free salad bowl/ sandwich pack manufacturer


In addition to using the aforementioned plastic alternatives: plastic free salad bowl and plastic free sandwich pack, what other plastic free actions are there?


No plastic action

1. Don't buy plastic products.

There are many things, such as water bottles and children's toys, which are obviously included in this list, but be sure to check that some of the things in this article that you may not realize contain hidden plastic.


2. Say no to single-purpose plastics like straws, cups, grocery bags, wrapping paper, etc.

I like to drink with a straw just like the next girl, but then I learned that it was an environmental disaster.


3. Stay away from products containing microplastics and plastic microfibers.

Such as bath beads or woolen clothes, or even yoga pants.


4. If you plan to eat in a place without utensils, bring your own utensils.

You may forget to bring this fork, but just bringing a reusable fork (you can hide it in your briefcase or purse) can also help you maintain a plastic-free life all day long.(Just don't order soup)


5. Carry a reusable water bottle and travel mug with you.

Water is indispensable to us people, so it would be better to take a reusable bottle (or a travel mug) for water. This will help you avoid plastic bottles and coffee cups.


In addition, if you are interested in how to pack sandwiches, check out the following:

Square toast sandwich

Take a piece of baking grease paper, the width is about 2~2.5 times the length of the toast. Fold in half close to the middle of the sandwich, fold a triangle on one side first, fix the position, fold the other side and put the triangle tip into the crease.


Pocket sandwich

Take a piece of baking grease paper, the width is about 2.5 to 3 times the length of the sandwich. Fold the two opposite sides inward for about 2cm, place the sandwich in the middle of one side, and fold up the other side to wrap the sandwich, and fold the left and right sides to the middle to complete. If you need to fix it, you can fix it with tape or twine.


Baguette sandwich

A piece of baking grease paper is needed, the width is about 1.5 to 2 times the length of the baguette. Lift one of the corners, roll it up close to the sandwich, fold the left and right sides to the middle, continue to roll the sandwich forward, and put the last corner into the crease.


Plastic wrap & cutting

The most common method I use at home is cling film. Take a piece of cling film about 2.5 to 3 times the length of the toast. Place the toast in the middle of the horizontal and 1/3 of the vertical. After making the sandwich, lift the bottom 2/ 3 wraps the sandwich tightly (if you make it the night before, you can put it in the refrigerator and press it with a flat-bottomed plate or box), and just cut it when you want to eat. It is very convenient. When cutting, it is cut together with the plastic wrap. It will not fall apart and the section is more beautiful. (Sharp knife, my previous knife was not sharp enough, because the cut kept falling apart)



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