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October 19,2021

In recent years, as environmental pollution has intensified, we have begun to abandon the use of plastic products in favor of degradable products. Zero-waste/non-coated paper package has gradually appeared in our lives. So how much do you know about them?


zero-waste/non-coated paper package


What is zero waste?


On the surface, the term "zero waste" is a very simple concept-reduction, reuse, recycling and composting, all of which aim to not send anything to the landfill. But in fact, the zero-waste lifestyle is about shifting from linear production thinking to a more circular way of thinking, taking into account and minimizing waste of resources at every stage of production and use. Our zero-waste paper packaging satisfies this feature and is very popular among environmentalists.


What are the advantages of non-coated paper packaging?


Speaking of non-coating, then, you might naturally think of coating. We will focus on the difference between the two


Different manufacturing methods


Paper is made of wood fibers, soaked in water to soften them. The resulting pulp is then sprayed onto a moving screen to remove most of the water, and passed between heated rollers to dry and smooth the surface.


As the name implies, non-coated paper just keeps its original uncoated state. However, for coated paper, white clay is used to fill the tiny gaps on the surface of the paper, and then pass through a high-pressure roller to obtain a smooth matte, silk or glossy finish. The process uses rollers to compress the fibers, which means that a piece of coated paper will be denser and thinner than an uncoated paper made of the same weight of pulp.


The characteristics of zero-waste/non-coated paper package


The color of uncoated paper is usually whiter than that of coated paper, but the difference is usually only noticeable when placed side by side. Uncoated paper has a better feel and can use various surface textures (such as plain weave, woven, linen or contour). When used as a packaging bag, it is more natural and more environmentally friendly. It will absolutely not scratch your hands.


✅Different printing effects


This is where you need to be careful. Many people think that it looks the same no matter what color is printed, but this is not the case, especially for offset printing. On coated paper, the colors and images look brighter and more impactful compared to the duller and flatter results when printed on uncoated paper because the ink can penetrate the surface of the uncoated substrate. Comparing uncoated (U) and coated (C) colors in Pantone palettes-the difference can be surprising, especially for certain colors such as dark blue and bright green/orange.


Therefore, when you want to display color images on uncoated paper, it is best to enhance and brighten them in Photoshop.


With digital printing, the situation is different. Laser toner will fuse to the surface of the paper instead of being absorbed like liquid ink, so uncoated paper will usually get better results.


Therefore, under normal circumstances, non-coated paper packaging looks more fashionable and more eye-catching than coated paper packaging.


Where to buy zero-waste/non-coated paper package?


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