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Our selection of food trays provides various solutions for every catering occasion. Available in a variety of styles and designs, our eco-friendly food trays are perfect for French fries, fish& chips, snacks, etc take away foods. 


Different options in material: kraft/white/bamboo/corrugated, and different sizes options,

let’s find the best package solution for your food.





Zhejiang Sowinpak Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and has taken shape in the packaging market as a high-tech enterprise, which combines R&D, production and sales. We devote to providing high quality, innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly paper packaging solutions for high-end restaurant chain, bakery, food factory and other industries.

In terms of scale, there are more than 200,000 square meters of modern intelligent factory with Class 100,000 and 300,000 clean workshops. It also accommodates more than 500 advanced automatic production equipment. Sowinpak persists in technology R&D as the core driving force of enterprise development and have accumulated profound R&D strength and technical ability that formed a set of relatively perfect R&D system after more than 10 years of exploration and experiences. Nowadays, Sowinpak has more than 90 domestic and foreign patents which is on the forefront of the field .

Sowinpak has sophisticated quality, environment and food safety management systems, we have been approved by BRC, GMP, ISO9001&22000, BSCI and SEDEX. Our products are not only in the line with the standards of GB, FDA, EU, BfR etc., but also certified via BPI, Seeding|Din Certco and OK COMPOST|Vincotte. The pulp used for food grade paper is sourced from sustainable managed forests which are complied with PEFC and FSC Standard.



Q1: Can you send products  to my country? 
A2: Sure, we can. If you do not have your own ship forwarder, we can help you. 

Q2: Can I buy sample for testing?
A: Yes, we provide samples.

Q3: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are professional manufacturer of food packaging products.

Q4: How should I pay for you if I place an order from you?
A: We accept PayPal and T/T.

Q5: Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We have high quality products and very competitive prices and stable short time delivery. We are the reliable business partner because we have rich experiences as near 15 years in the field.

Q6: When can I get the quotation ?
A6: We usually quote you within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the quotation.Please call us or tell us in your mail, so that we could regard your inquiry priority.

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With the rapid development of modern life, people's demand for material of food packaging is getting higher and higher. Therefore, under the same conditions, enterprises will optimize their products in various ways. Among them, many enterprises work hard from the packaging boxes of products . Corrugated boxes were born which are also a respond to plastic free conception, so let's learn some information about this kind of packaging deeply.

Corrugated board is made into corrugated box by die cutting, indentation, nailing box or sticking box. Corrugated box is one of the most common packaging products, and its dosage has always been ranked first. It can not only protect goods but also facilitate transportation. The most important thing is that it can also beautify and publicize goods.


Plastic free corrugated boxes manufacturerPlastic free corrugated boxes manufacturer


Advantages of corrugated paper


  1. Good cushioning performance: Corrugated board has a special structure, and 60 ~ 70% of the volume in the paperboard structure is empty, so it has good shock absorption performance and can avoid collision and impact of packaged items.


  1. Lightweight and firm: Corrugated board is hollow structure, which uses the least material to form a rigid box body, so it is light and firm, and compared with wooden cases with the same volume, it is only about half of the weight of wooden cases.


  1. Adequate raw materials and low cost: There are many raw materials for producing corrugated board, and corner wood, bamboo, wheat straw, reed, etc. can be made into corrugated paper, so his cost is low, only about half of the wooden box with the same volume.


  1. Convenient for automatic production: A complete set of corrugated box production automatic line has been manufactured, which can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities and with high efficiency.


  1. Packaging operation cost is low: Corrugated paper packaging articles can realize automatic packaging of articles, reduce packaging workload and packaging cost.


Disadvantages of corrugated boxes


  1. The moisture-proof performance of corrugated paper may not be comparable to other materials. Humid air or long-term rainy days will lead to softening and deterioration of paper. So to store corrugated material things, need to be placed in a dry place, which will make his hardness more durable.


  1. Corrugated paper is inconvenient for printing.


Zhejiang Sowinpak Co.,Ltd is a professional food container manufacturer with so many years experience in producing plastic free paper packaging containers. In order to solve paper's poor perfermance in water-resistance, we have coated PE on the surface of paper package which has an excellent  ability in oil and water-resistance. Furthermore, this material has been certified as an coating applied to food container as it is no harm to human's health.  


Zhejiang Sowinpak Co.,Ltd.. , one of the leading plastic free paper cups, corrugated boxes manufacturer and wholesaler and exporter in China, providing all sorts of plastic free corrugated boxes with different sizes. Our products have been certified by BPI, Seeding, Din Certco, OK COMPOST and Vincotte. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.




Food packaging is an inevitable part of life. It exists to protect food from damage. It is also a marketing tool to build brand awareness. Corrugated cardboard packaging has long been one of the most popular packaging forms. It has the characteristics of high strength, durability, and light weight, while minimizing the impact on the economy and the environment. We are both bioactive paper package solutions manufacturer and plastic free paper trays supplier, we are glad to solve your problems.


Low carbon footprint


Due to the recyclable nature of corrugated cardboard, the energy required to make new packaging is greatly reduced-the energy saved can then be used to make other products.


Most corrugated cardboard, that is bioactive paper package solutions, is manufactured in its original state without the need to add any products or bleaching agents-which not only means that it can be processed more efficiently than other products, but also uses fewer additives in the production process, thereby reducing the amount of pollutants The quantity is added to the water system.


Corrugated cardboard is also very light-this will have a knock-on effect on the carbon footprint of transportation, because every kilogram of weight increases the fuel consumption during transportation. 


Eliminate the use of plastic


Typical alternatives to corrugated packaging include synthetic materials such as polystyrene, foam packaging and other types of void fillers-all of which are not environmentally friendly. The manufacture of corrugated cardboard means that CO2 and petroleum emissions can be reduced by up to 60%, and the cardboard recycling process consumes approximately 75% of the energy required to make new cardboard. 


Easy to recycle


In the recycling process, the corrugated cardboard is shredded into small pieces, which are then mixed with water and chemicals to break down the fibers and turn the mixture into pulp. It is then mixed with new pulp or virgin pulp, usually from wood chips-this will increase and help regulate the strength. The pulp material then passes through the filter to remove any foreign matter, and then the ink is removed from the pulp. The clean pulp is then spread out and dried and made into long pieces, which are then made into corrugated cardboard-the grooves depend on the grade produced.


Improve your visibility


Corrugated packaging can improve your brand awareness and can be used as a new marketing channel for your products. Adding printed artwork to your cardboard surface can greatly enhance brand awareness and really effectively communicate your message and brand value. Printing options vary from flexography to lithography and digital printing, but whether it's the addition of a simple logo or an entire custom and printed box, creative packaging is very effective in capturing the eye and imagination of consumers. Besides paper box, we also provide biodegradable coffee trays for sale.


Improve forest management and sustainability


Corrugated board is usually made of birch or pine pulp. These are harvested from fast-growing sustainable forests. Trees mature, harvested and replaced with seedlings to continue the cycle. We are biodegradable Single wallpaper cup manufacturer and aqueous coating coffee cups supplier, welcome to contact us for a free quote.





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